COEUS - Our Core Platform


  • COEUS is an Entity Based Knowledge Platform - think of it as your solution's central nervous system.

  • Beyond Big Data: COEUS collects Massive Amounts of Data from virtually Any Data Source
    • Web, Dark Web, IoT Sensors, Signals Intelligence, Social Media, Public & Private …

  • Entity Based Analytics:  Entity based means Any Person, Any Place or Any Thing

  • Multilingual:  Chose any base language(s) and collect data across the linguistic spectrum - in real-time!

  • Multi-Sensor, Multi-Domain, Cross-Platform Data Fusion:  We can track and analyze anything with a digital heartbeat.  And if what you want to track or analyze doesn't have a digital footprint, we can give it one.

  • Artificial Intelligence (AI) / Machine Learning / Predictive Analytics:  Our multiple vendor approach creates an environment where multiple AIs learn from one another to provide unprecedented real-time situational awareness and actionable intelligence. 

  • We support any State-of-the-Art User Experience (UX) Including:
    • Virtual Reality, Augmented / Mixed Reality, Holographic, Mobile, Web

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